We are raising $2,500,000

To provide a place of rest and resistance, that gives birth to restoration for Black, Indigenous & People of Color by offering childbirth services, education, training and student housing in a communal environment for individuals and families seeking Collective Care. Abide Women’s Health Services seeks to raise $2,500,000 to fund the next three phases of our mission: REST, RESIST, RESTORE.

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A Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community-focused birthing center that will provide collective care with the focus of reducing Black maternal and infant mortality rates.

The center will include:

• Four Birth Suites

• Complimentary Services

• Postpartum Services



We envision a secondary structure that will be renovated and transformed into student midwife housing. This home will be a safe place to allow Black women to RESIST and RECLAIM their legacy in midwifery.

Historically, the Black midwife was a protector of Black lives because of her observation, compassion, and expertise. When the medical industry ostracized and then disempowered the work of Black midwives, the mortality rates of Black mothers and babies increased.

Black Midwifery is a rich tradition that has been passed down, from healer to healer that continued to be practiced during slavery. They would not only attend the births of Black women, but were often present at white women’s births. Due to systematic racism, only 2% of midwives in the US are Black.

“The African American midwife is a cultural and social resource whose destruction has impoverished us all" (Fraser, G.K.1989; p.8.)



We envision an area for restoration and harvest. A safe place for postpartum care, for the seeds that we planted to be nurtured and harvested.

At Abide we believe that rest and resistance gives birth to restoration.

Restoration looks like a garden to honor the many people who have paved the path for Black, Indigenous, & People of Color to rise up and restore their health, safety and rightful place in the world of maternal health care.

Restoration looks like postpartum suites design for healing and bonding for our families.

Restoration looks like land for our community to bask in nature, to find rest and to breathe in and release the tensions and trauma that so many experience

For each phase, we look to raise the following:

$ 1
$ 1
$ 1


$321,407 12%

For further information or if you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor please email lenita@abidewomen.org