Althea C. Hurd, B.A., Dip CBEd

Childbirth Educator

Born and raised in California, Althea moved to the DFW area with her husband and young son in 2007. Althea received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies. She is driven by a desire to learn about and appreciate the uniqueness of people groups.

About Althea

Althea is a certified birth educator. She is passionate about birth and birthing people. After giving birth to four children, 3 in hospital and 1 at home, she decided to join the tribe of birthworkers. She believes the education she received during her 4th pregnancy saved her from a subsequent cesarean section and she strives to offer expecting families the same chance that she had. Every birth is different, but every family deserves education to make informed decisions.

In addition to being a birth nerd, Althea enjoys movies and music. You can find her watching classic cinema or listening to Ella Fitzgerald (the greatest singer of all time) on any given day.