Gabriella Federico

Marketing Director |

I was born in New Braunfels, Texas, to a Cajun mom and immigrant father who taught me everything about family, hard work, and generosity. Growing up in an Italian-Catholic environment, I was raised with religious pro-life values and spent much of high school and college praying and sidewalk counseling outside abortion clinics.

Around my junior year of college where I majored in Philosophy, I started taking feminist ethics courses and realized that a lot was missing from my understanding of the world. I learned about white privilege, systemic oppression, and medical racism. Suddenly, what I thought and felt didn’t conform to my life. And that’s when I met Cessilye.

About Gabriella

I was introduced to Cessilye and her mission with Abide before its official inception, as she was developing her maternal justice and anti-racism framework. She made all the pieces come together for me, and I’ve been volunteering my resources with her ever since. My advocacy and work have pivoted to addressing the roots of oppression amongst the most vulnerable.

As Abide’s Marketing Director, I’m able to use my professional skills, experience, and privilege to support a cause I’m passionate about. I’m unspeakably grateful to be a part of the Abide team and to have my life and work mean something.