LaQuita Brazile

LM, CPM | Midwife

I’m LaQuita Brazile, licensed and certified professional homebirth midwife. I offer evidence-based and non-biased supportive midwifery services to expecting families in Dallas, TX. I’ve always had a fascination for pregnancy and childbirth as a child. After witnessing my second out of the hospital birth at a birthing center, I began my journey as a midwife in 2013.

In 2018, I received my license and certification from the state of Texas and North American Registry of Midwives. My desire is to offer considerate, culturally competent, and compassionate care to families while acknowledging the importance of the family unit as a whole in the process of giving birth with a more holistic approach.

My passion is to someday serve incarcerated persons with gynecological and midwifery care in and out of the hospital. I truly believe that no one should feel excluded from having quality care and a memorable birth experience.