Melissa Moreira

Executive Coordinator

Melissa Moreira (pronounced Mo-ray-ra) was born and raised in Los Angeles, California with roots in the beautiful Central American country of El Salvador (which translated means The Savior). She is the only daughter of Erick and Carmen Moreira, her biggest inspirations and supporters.

About Melissa

Through following Abide for the past few years, she has learned so much about what it means to have a consistent life ethic and to support life from the womb all the way to the tomb. In her journey to getting here, she has worked in public education, various non-profits, media, and even coffee-making. She is very grateful for the opportunity to join the team and to be able use the skills and knowledge she has picked up along the way to continue pushing forward the mission and vision of Abide. 

Outside of work, you can find her reading at local coffee shops, serving at church, exploring new foods, listening to music, dancing or hanging out with family and friends. But no matter where she is, she is most likely laughing way too hard at her own jokes.