Phoebe Purvey

Clinic Flow Manager

Phoebe was raised in a Mexican border town by a resilient, beautiful single mom who modeled love, service, and generosity in great measure. At a young age, she realized the power of community and faith-based care and wanted to spend her life on a cause bigger than herself.

About Phoebe

She studied Social Work and Arabic at the University of North Texas, with a focus on serving refugees, asylees, and immigrants. After graduating, she began working within the pro-life movement as a social worker, and it was here where she became burdened by the lack of holistic, evidence-based, and culturally informed care being given to women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. She spent time serving as a Regional Director of Social Services, helping to design and implement services for women and families experiencing a crisis.

Phoebe is studying Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary, with hopes of strengthening her knowledge and application of biblical justice to promote restoration within communities. She has her eyes and heart set on advocating for and investing in families of every color, religion, background, and belief system, paying close attention to those who have historically been oppressed and marginalized. Phoebe is committed to seeing people and families receive the care and resources they need to flourish and thrive, believing it to be the best investment we can make in our communities.